Guest house gurigura ☆ reservation form

Please reply by an email of the confirmation for the reservation reply email of the reservation decision by all means (because a reply email may not arrive concerning security, you confirm it).
It should be cancellation when I cannot accept a reply email of the confirmation.
★ When a reservation completion email, a reply email do not reach it because I do the answer by all means within 24 hours even if it passes more than 24 hours, (concerning security including non-transmission, a PC trouble, the server obstacle) is sorry at all, but refer, and it is a form, or please contact me over a telephone.
★ Because the smartphone cannot transmit when I refuse the email reception from a PC and set it, please cancel it.
★ In the case of Yahoo! Mail and Gmail and Hotmail, a reply email may be received by "an unwanted e-mail folder".
When there is not a reply, please confirm "an unwanted e-mail folder".
Or you specify a different address, and please send it again!
★It is all a required item.

・ Because it is a women-only hotel, the man cannot make a reservation. (a couple is all right)
・ Because we cannot speak English very much, after approval, please make a reservation (you welcome you even if you cannot speak Japanese!) .

☆ Please click a button "(確認画面)a confirmation screen" if you input all.
☆ Please click a button "(この内容で送信する)transmitting by these contents" with a confirmation screen if all right.
★★ The last check - in time is 18:00. We will not accept reservations for those planning to arrive after that. We do not accept reservations for those wishing to go out at night (after 18 o'clock). We do not accept reservations for those with many requests for pick-up.
★16:24 of arrival time was changed to 16:30 due to time change of JR. In fact, it is arrival and departure arrival at 16:30, but please enter the input as it is at 16:24.
(The train arrives at Kutchan Station at 16:30)
Check-in Date Month
Check-in Date Date
Number of nights
When you do it more than 10 nights, please fill out a message column.
Please fill in your full name.
How to read name
Phone number
E-mail address
The address that I can contact anytime
Your work (school name)
Zip code
Hometown (country)
Type of Room
・ There is not the setting without the meal, but please fill out a message column because the early departure guides you in the morning.
・ The dormitory is sharing a room of other guests and shares (for exclusive use of the woman).
The twin group room is not available alone.
The 3 to 4 persons group room is not available for two people.
No. of persons Female
・ When there is a man in couples, please input the details such as the name or the age into the following message column. (the room which the man except the couple cannot stay, and is available is only a twin room)
No. of persons Female of the student
A student 23 years or younger becomes the student discount. (please bring the identification cards such as student identification cards by all means)
Total number of people to stay
・ Please tell the undecided person it on the telephone by an email or the day before by three days.
Arrival time
・ A train, the arrival time for bus, please contact the undecided person over an email or a telephone by all means by the day before.
・ The person of the car rent-a-car motorcycle would like the first one to arrive by all means by 17:00 (it is until 17:30, and the hot spring bathing finished is all right).
・ Please confirm it in a page of the access at pickup time.
・ The coming person, please specify arrival time and an arrival place in a message column by bus from Sapporo and New Chitose Airport between the winter season (a meeting plan to niseko hirafu at 16:00).
・ At 12:10, only a person going to mirror marsh trekking is possible.
Do you hope for pickup?
JR Kutchan Station pickup hope
Because I come by car, motorcycle, bicycle, there is no pickup
niseko grand hirafu ski ground pickup hope (only in winter)
・ When I come by express bus from Sapporo, it becomes the Kutchan crossroad getting off in one hour after 16.
Please fill out a message column.
Lodging of the day before
Adjustment method of the hotel charges
Message comment from you
・ Because anything is good, I am glad of some word message if I give it.
・ Because you make a reservation, please refer to rafting kayaks for anything willingly!
・ The more than 2 one, please classify the name and the age of other hotel guests into the column of the message by all means.
・ Please tell the pickup person desired a color and the form of the planned baggage to bring as a mark to go to meet on the day to JR Kutchan Station.
(baggage to bring, please inform it of the undecided one by the day before)