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Is there Any activity you cannot join during our tour?
e.g.1) I cannot go inside the caves because of claustrophobia. no refund possible.
e.g.2) we cannot visit the *** temple for religious reasons. No refund possible.
Preferred tour course
Half-day ”A” Boar race/Mii-dera/lake side
Half-day ”B”Cross lake Biwa bridge
Half-day ”C” Terraced paddy field
Full-day ”Kyoto Arashiyama+Golden pavilion
Full-day ”Treasure hunting and Rafting
Full-day ”Omi-Hachiman area
Full-day ”Taga area”
Full-day ”Ninja experience”
Full-day ”Higashi omi area”
If you choose half day activity, please write AM or PM on following other.